NU-DB Exam Routine

Date Description
15/02/2018 BBA 1st semester exam Routine
15/02/2018 CSE 1st semester exam
03/02/2018 Hons 3rd year Exam. routine-2018
03/02/2018 Hons 4th year 2018
22/12/2017 Degree Pass 3rd year-2016.pdf
14/11/2017 CSE_5th-semester
14/11/2017 CSE_7th-semester
14/11/2017 BBA-5th-semester
14/11/2017 BBA-7th-semester
25/10/2017 Hons_2nd_yr_2017
25/10/2017 Hons_2nd_special_2017
15/10/2017 BBA 3rd semester-2017
15/10/2017 BBA_8thsemester
15/10/2017 Degree(pass) 2nd year
12/10/2017 TMS_1st semester-2017
01/10/2017 Hons 1st year 2017

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